Golden Retriever

  • SIZE: 6
  • GROOMING:: 5
  • BREED: Golden Retriever
  • COLOR(S):Shades of cream or gold; from pale yellow to burning orange-gold.


 The Golden Retriever is a beautiful golden breed with its origins dating back to the mid 1800’s in Great Britain by Lord Tweedmouth. In search of a superior bird and hunting dog and after many cross breedings from Irish Setters, Water Spaniels, and other Retrievers, the Golden Retriever was born. Goldens are enthusiastic and adaptable by nature and rank in the top 5 family-friendly dogs. They are very active and were born to play fetch with just about anything, ball, stick, especially a Frisbee or flying disc. Great with children, they are very loyal to their owners with an above average daily exercise requirement. An ideal owner is one that is active and outdoorsy. Note: Golden Retrievers love the water, don’t be surprised if you are out for a walk near a pond or lake that you see your dog take off and jump in the water. 


 Very easy-going and friendly this breed makes a wonderful companion to just about anyone. Training is very easy with this breed, and they love to show off their tricks and the attention it gets. Great for a hunting or gun dog if that is what you are after, as they can sit quiet for hours waiting for game. Retrievers can also been seen as a guide dog for the blind due to their loyal/friendly nature and overall love for humankind. While they do bark at strangers that approach their territory or yard, it is not the ideal watchdog or protector as they are just too sociable. They have a confidence about them and love to please, any overtly aggressive behavior is considered not normal. Oh did we mention that this breed is highly intelligent… it ranks #4 of all dog breeds. 


 Regular brushing and grooming is required although nothing too difficult. They are average shedders, more so during the spring and fall seasons. After a swim, it will be best to give them a bath and shampoo. Puppies need less attention than adults because of their shorter coats. Longer coated dogs will require more attention; foxtails and burrs are easy to pick up in their curly long coats. 


 Common health problems to this breed include hip dysplasia, cancer, eye problems, and obesity. Always screen for hip dysplasia and know the pedigree is you are buying from a reputable breeder. Overeating can also be an issue with Golden Retrievers, daily exercise should keep this in check, just be sure to pay attention to how much you are feeding them especially as they get older. Typical life span is 11 – 13 years. 


 This is a very active breed and need a daily release of energy or else they can get into trouble. Developing a habit or ritual will give the dog something to look forward to and ensure them they will get to exercise at least once a day. However, if you happen to forget Goldens will be quick to remind you. Time to roam freely is encouraged as well, just remember to always bring a ball or disc along as they love to retrieve! 


 These are intelligent dogs, so they are not only easy to train, but it is necessary for the mental challenge as well. Starting at an early age will help the young pup learn correct social behaviors and not get into too much trouble inside the home. Golden Retrieves excel at performance sports and competitive events, so don’t be scared if you think something maybe too difficult for them to learn. All in all this dog breed makes an exceptional family pet, you won’t be let down.