• SIZE: 1
  • GROOMING:: 9
  • BREED: Bich-Poo
  • COLOR(S):Cream, black, blue, and orange-yellow.


 With the growing popularity of designer dogs and cross-breeding, many hybrid dogs are utilizing the non-shedding coat of the Poodle in their combinations. The Bich-Poo is one of these hybrids. Crossing a Bichon Frise and a Poodle in the hopes of a non-shedding result, this mixed breed may exhibit any combination of traits from these two breeds. Not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club, hybrid vigor is required in these cross breeds until healthier dogs with superior genetic constitutions are the only result. 


 Charming and gentle, the little white Bich-Poo loves human company and is excellent with children and the elderly. This hybrid breed is bold and self-assured and will always be sporting a happy attitude making them very easy to live with. They love being part of the family and enjoy going everywhere with their masters. They get along well with other pets and dogs as well. Despite the assumptions, these dogs are not yappers. They have independent spirits and a lively nature. Bich-Poos are obedient and easy to train yet they can be a competitive breed. Regardless, they plain and simply love everybody. They are naturally social, easy to live with and have bright minds. Their parent breed of the Bichon Frise can be difficult to housebreak. 


 The little Bich-Poo does not shed making it an ideal dog for those who suffer from allergies. Their fur is loose, long and curly. They should be frequently groomed and bathed every month. Professional grooming is necessary every 4 weeks. Their rounded appearance should be maintained with trimming and particular care should be taken to clean around their eyes in order to prevent staining. Scissors should be used to trim the coat but electric clippers can be used on the body of pet dogs. Show Bich-Poos should be trimmed with scissors exclusively. 


 While Bich-Poos are generally healthy dogs, several health issues include bladder problems, luxating patellas, blocked tear ducts, cancer, autoimmune disease and skin ailments. These little white dogs may also suffer from cataracts or epilepsy. 


 Bich-Poos can seem like little balls of energy who will play as long as their owner can continue standing. They are happy to get exercise just from playing, but they enjoy walking and romping in open areas as well. This breed does require a daily pack walk.


 Much like the Bichon Frise, the Bich-Poo may be tough to housebreak. These little dogs need rules to follow; limit what behaviors are allowed and which ones are not. As with most other little dogs, Bich-Poos can develop Small Dog Syndrome if allowed. This is a human induced behavior where the little dog feels like the pack leader of the humans. This may result in behavior problems including obsessive barking, guarding, snapping, separation anxiety and even biting.