• SIZE: 5
  • GROOMING:: 6
  • BREED: Stabyhoun
  • COLOR(S):Brown, orange or black with white markings.


 The Stabyhoun, being of Dutch descent, is a versatile breed that is just as at home fetching fallen quarry as it is catching a ball in the park. They are medium sized dogs that come in colors of black, chocolate, or orange with white markings and roaning or ticking. This breed is said to be related to the Small Munsterlander. Stabyhouns are strong and well muscled. They have a medium length coat that covers the body, being long and feathering on the backs of the hind legs and tail, creating a bushy look in the back. On the ears, a unique characteristic of theirs is the fringed hair on the base of the ear and the smooth fur on the tip. Stabyhouns are more than good looking, though, as they have a high energy level and are very friendly. They are affectionate and good-natured, getting along well with children and other pets. They are calm, patient and easy to get along with. Lively and energetic, however, this breed will highly enjoy hunting and retrieving, playing, going for walks, or other activities. They do require a lot of exercise, therefore a regular routine must be established. They are a handsome breed that remains an ever pleasing appearance in the home. 


 The Stabyhoun is a friendly, affectionate and loyal dog. They are comfortable in different scenarios, whether it be playing fetch or retrieving fowl. Stabyhouns are versatile, enthusiastic and lively. They get along well with others, including other pets and children. Calm, patient and reliable, the Stabyhoun is a good family pet. They have a "soft mouth", meaning they can retrieve prey without damaging it in their mouth. They are always eager to please and make a good guard for your yard against small rodents or skunks. Stabyhouns are easy to train as an added bonus. They are excellent trackers, great pointers and are quite amiable. 


 To keep the coat in good condition, only a regular brushing is needed. This can be every week or every day.


 Epilepsy and hip dysplasia. This breed is a rather healthy one. 


 The breed also requires a lot of exercise. Running, walking, or playing with the Stabyhoun can be good exercise. They should be given regular walks and/or play time every day.


 Learning Rate: High. Obedience - High. The Stabyhoun enjoys learning and is also often eager to please.