Spinone Italiano

  • SIZE: 7
  • GROOMING:: 4
  • BREED: Spinone Italiano
  • COLOR(S):White, white and orange, or white and brown.


 The Spinone Italianos are a very talented hunting dog breed. Their tracking abilities are keen and their "soft" mouth retrieves game unspoiled. The Spinones also have a terrific personality and are gentle dogs who are devoted and very willing to please. Considered more of a hound than a pointer, they are not known to be barkers, whiny or bossy. The Spinone Italiano is a large, muscular dog that is sturdy and strong. They have long drop ears and a full beard, with a medium length coat on the rest of the body and longer fur on the face. They can come in colors of solid white, white and orange, orange roan with or without orange markings, white with brown markings, the list goes on. They have a varied appearance, but the same stance and hard working abilities. The Spinone Italiano is impressively handsome and resembles an old grandfather with wisdom. The breed\'s tail is docked to about half its length. Spinone Italianos are a wonderful choice for the family looking for a playful yet hard working pet or hunting partner. 


 Spinone Italianos are responsive, loyal, and gentle. They can be very playful and enthusiastic. They have a very calm and gentle personality, making them an ideal choice. The Spinone can be stubborn if it wants to, and is wary of strangers. They don\'t like new situations much, making them not very adaptable. Despite this, the Spinone Italiano is a very hard worker, enjoying his work and expressing it with vocals. They are not overly barky, however. The Spinone Italiano is a well-mannered dog, lowering its head around its master.


 Grooming of the Spinone Italianos should consist of a good thorough brushing done weekly. Clean ears weekly, wipe eyes daily. The beard may attract food and should be wiped when it does. The beard can be slobbery or wet quite often. 


 Hip dysplasia, cerebellar ataxia, hormone imbalance, pyometra, eye problems, malocclusion of the teeth, and visceral leishmaniasis. 


 Daily exercise is required which should include long walks on-leash and a good run off-leash. They love to swim and would make a great partner to run alongside a bicycle.


 Spinone Italianos may be stubborn at times, but they are gentle and affectionate and want to please. Learning Rate: Medium. Obedience - Low. Problem Solving - Medium.