South African Boerboel

  • SIZE: 9
  • GROOMING:: 4
  • BREED: South African Boerboel
  • COLOR(S):Yellow, fawn, brown, russet or brindle.


 With a name in Afrikaans meaning "farmer dog", the South African Boerboel doesn\'t sound like the massive, protective Mastiff that it is. They have thick, stocky bodies that are brindle, brown, cream, reddish brown and tawny colored with a black mask and ears. South African Boerboel\'s are of Mastiff stock, large animals, and act like the typical Mastiff. They are protective of their family, but can be discerning as to whether a stranger is a threat or not. They like to be with their people, and are friendly and affectionate to their own. South African Boerboels originate from a tough and dangerous land, which has worked to their advantage to create a truly tough and sturdy dog. South African Boerboels are strong, intelligent, and territorial. They are protective of their families, and are thought to have been used to defend against leopards. Although they can be confident and dominant, the South African Boerboel needs human companionship throughout the day. They are not good to leave alone, and they may resort to destructive instincts if this is done. Said to have a sixth sense about people, this breed can distinguish a threat from a friend. 


 South African Boerboels are protective, territorial, and judging of strangers. They are aggressive towards people walking by on the street, and should be confined constantly unless on leash and trained. The South African Boerboel is, however, very friendly and affectionate with its owners. It loves to be around people and hates to be alone. If left alone for a long period of time, this breed may become destructive. They are surprisingly gentle with children they know, and will even give them rides on their backs! The Boerboel is obedient, intelligent and self assured. They can be rather dominant and need a dominant owner. They are surprisingly good with other pets including cats and other dogs. 


 The South African Boerboel needs little maintenance compared to other breeds. The fur is short and needs little grooming, but brushing every once in a while is sufficient. Be sure to check the nails, ears and teeth periodically. 


 This breed is relatively healthy and has no health issues specific to this breed. 


 They can also get their exercise from playing in their own backyard. They love to play with balls, and love to go walking as well. Either solution is good exercise for the Boerboel. 


 Learning Rate: High. Obedience - Medium. They can be obedient, but can also be dominating. Problem Solving - Medium.