• SIZE: 5
  • GROOMING:: 1
  • BREED: Sloughi
  • COLOR(S):Sandy, or red with or without black markings.


 A favorite of the ancient pharaoh Tutankhamen, this breed is thought to have been around since as far as 8000 B.C. Sloughis resemble the ancient pariah dogs of Morocco, with thin bodies, drop ears and excellent hunting skills. They have taken on full livestock, and are unafraid of a hunt. The Sloughi is a racy, muscular breed with elegance in their footsteps. They have a long neck and sand colored fur to blend in with the environment. The Sloughi, or Arabian Greyhound, can come in the variety of mountain type or desert type. The desert type Sloughi is smaller than the mountain type, and more lightly built. Sloughis make pleasant companions, being affectionate and devoted to its family. They are wary with strangers, however, keeping their guard against anything that hasn\'t been "OK\'d". If socialized, this breed can get along with anyone! They love to run, and therefore can have great energy outdoor. But indoors, the Sloughi is calm, quiet and dignified. They enjoy children and other dogs, but should not be trusted around smaller animals, as their hunting instincts may kick in. They can be rather slow to mature. The Sloughi is sensitive, reactive if provoked, and have strong instincts to chase. No wonder the Sloughi has oft been called in El Hor in Arabic, "the noble one." 


 Sloughis are gentle, intelligent a healthy breed. They have strong hunting instincts, and should be kept away from livestock and other smaller pets. They are affectionate, devoted to family, but wary of strangers. Sloughis get along with most beings, doing well with children and other dogs. Sloughis love to run but are calm inside the home. They are sensitive, slow to mature and will react if provoked. Sloughis like variety, and like to roam. They can be faithful, easy to train, and love to be with their owners.


 The Sloughi should be groomed once a week with a rubber grooming mitt or simply kept clean. They have cat-like tendencies to clean themselves and will try to do so if not kept clean by their owner. One should check their ears and teeth periodically to make sure of no infection, and nails should be trimmed periodically. This breed sheds little. 


 Although these dogs are quite healthy and have no hereditary problems, they do have some issues with sensitivity to anesthesia, atrophy of the jaw, heart murmurs and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy). 


 The Sloughi requires a lot of exercise. It is good for them to receive around 2 hours of exercise a day. If used to hunt, these dogs can run and run for a long while. They have great stamina, but they also like to mix things up with variety. A Sloughi should be walked, run, jogged with on a bike, raced, played with, or another recreation in order to exercise. 


 Learning Rate: High. Obedience - Medium. Problem Solving - High. Sloughis love to learn.