Plott Hound

  • SIZE: 5
  • GROOMING:: 3
  • BREED: Plott Hound
  • COLOR(S):Orange, liver, brindle, tan, red, gray, black, or blue.


 The Plott Hound is a muscular dog of medium size raised and developed almost solely in the Appalachian, Blue Ridge, and Great Smoky Mountain ranges of North Carolina, United States. They have a short glossy coat that is very dense. Plott Hounds have a long tail and will wag it up high when he/she is alert. They have long drop ears that wrinkle the forehead when they are alert as well. Large and long ears are a distinct characteristic of the breed. They also tend to drool and slobber. Active, brave and enthusiastic, this breed enjoys the outdoors excessively. They are better kept in a kennel, and are usually kept as working dogs and pets, rather than just as pets. They are very intense and adamant about their job and perform well in the field. They are very determined hunters. The Plott is highly trainable and able to get along with most anyone. They are good with children, adults, and are very friendly. The Plott Hound has great stamina, perfect for hunting practically anything, including puma, wolf, boar, coyote, deer, and even bear. Adamant, courageous and keen, the Plott Hound has been said to be the best bear hunter breed there is. 


 The Plott Hound is loyal and intelligent. They also have good scent skills and great courage. They are very brave in the face of large animals, including 500 lb. bears! Plotts are determined, skilled, and adamant about their job. They get along with both children and other pets, as long as it is not what they are supposed to hunt! They are very friendly, and very enthusiastic. Plotts are an active breed that is very trainable. They can be wary of strangers. 


 Hair is fine - medium coarse, usually short - medium length, gives the dog a smooth, glossy look. It is very dense. They require minimum grooming. 


 They eat fast so they are prone to gastric torsion and life-threatening twisting of the stomach, also known as bloat. Other than this, they are a healthy breed. 


 High exercise with moderate care. Plott Hounds need lots of physical exercise as compared with other breeds; they have a lot of endurance and stamina. Long walks or coldtrailing trips are best for exercise.


 Plott Hounds are at a high training level. They have superior hunting instincts.