German Pinscher

  • SIZE: 3
  • GROOMING:: 1
  • BREED: German Pinscher
  • COLOR(S):Red, reddish brown, black and blue. With red and tan markings.


 The German Pinscher is a medium-sized, tall terrier with a strong, smooth, glossy coat. It is robust and well muscled. It is well-balanced and elegant. This breed is very loyal and protective. The German Pinscher can be an ideal companion dog. This breed has a sense of humor, it is brave, not squeamish, sober, and have considerable stamina. The German Pinscher has been used as a vermin destroyer, herder, watchdog, and guard dog.



 The German Pincher is lively but docile, quite versatile, and a vocal guard dog. It is intelligent, responds well to obedience training. This breed needs an experienced owner; it tends to be stubborn. Like other pinschers and terriers, the German Pincher does not back away from disputes with other dogs; it needs firm handling to control its fighting tendencies. It will defend its territory, handler, and family. The German Pincher is not a good breed for children. This breed also gets protective of its own things like bones, a chair or its food. The dog needs to know its place in the house. Normally it gets along well with other household pets. This breed only barks when it feels it is necessary, which may be often. It will instinctively protect and will bite first and think later. This breed is a ratter and when outdoors it will chase a cat, possibly hurting it. This breed requires a firm, but loving hand from an experienced dog owner so it doesn\'t grow up to take over the whole house.


 The strong, smooth, glossy coat requires little grooming. An occasional brushing to remove dead hair is all that is needed. This breed is an average shedder. 


 German Pinschers sometimes have eye problems and hip dysplasia.


 They do need exercise, however, to keep in shape. They will love a free romp off the leash. German Pinschers will do fine in an apartment, as long as exercise is provided. They need training and socialization to avoid possessive and territorial qualities. The best owner for this breed would be a firm but gentle owner living in a suburban, rural or city environment who can give the breed enough exercise, training and socialization. 


 German Pinschers should be trained in a loving, but firm way. They respond well to training, and should be disciplined when mischievous, as they have a tendency to manipulate their owners.