Brittany Spaniel

  • SIZE: 5
  • GROOMING:: 3
  • BREED: Brittany Spaniel
  • COLOR(S):Dark red and white. Orange and white. Tri-colored.


 Brittany Spaniels, also known simply as the Brittany, are compact medium-sized dogs that appear leggy. They have impressive strength and vigor to match their energetic drive and quick movements. Their medium length coat features splotches of color on the face and body and may be tricolor, liver and white, or black and white. This breed can be born with tails, with naturally docked tails or completely without tails. According to the AKC, the appropriate length for their tail is about four inches. Brittany Spaniels also have short drop ears high atop their heads and may even have freckles. Unlike most other dogs, the Brittany’s first love is not people but actually birds. They make exceptional pointing dogs thanks to their keen sense of smell. They are the most popular breed for pointing field trials, as they are the only spaniel that points to game. With an unmatched ability to obey as well as point, Brittiany Spaniels or Epagneul Bretons aim to please their owners. They are agreeable dogs for children and get along well with other pets. Take care not to rough house these spaniels as they can become too excited around some children. This breed makes wonderful search dogs having been originally bred for searching out woodcock in France. The mild temperament and colorful spirit of the Brittany makes this breed a fantastic hunter and companion. 


 Brittany Spaniel puppies and dogs are obedient, highly intelligent, friendly, active and loyal. They love having a job to do as they are very lively and energetic. Brittany Spaniel puppies and dogs love a good run and aim to please their owners, which makes them quite trainable. They adore the outdoors and are always good-natured. 


 Requiring little grooming, Brittany Spaniel puppies and dogs are relatively easy to maintain. Their hocks and feet will need minimal trimming while grooming twice a week should suffice. This breed requires regular yet minimal nail care, as well as a daily brushing of the dog’s coat to keep it clean. 


 Some health issues that may afflict Brittany Spaniel puppies and dogs include PRA, hip dysplasia, heart defects, epilepsy and skin problems, such as allergies. However, they are a relatively healthy breed. Temperament problems including nervousness or anxiety may occur if they are poorly bred. 


 As part of the active spaniel family, Brittany Spaniel puppies and dogs should be given the opportunity to enjoy regular exercise so they do not become restless. 


 Brittany Spaniel puppies and dogs will greatly benefit from obedience training. They should be trained with a firm, never harsh, gentle hand.