Boykin Spaniel

  • SIZE: 3
  • GROOMING:: 5
  • BREED: Boykin Spaniel
  • COLOR(S):Brown


 Like most other spaniels, the medium-sized and sturdy Boykin Spaniel is first and foremost a hunting dog. They have a proven ability for retrieving and flushing characterized by boundless intelligence. With a great desire to please, these spaniels are known to be loyal, obedient and peaceful. They are excellent swimmers who take to water easily making them valuable for water retrieving as well as field retrieving. Adding to their excellent hunting aptitude, they also have an affinity for children and make friendly family pets. Boykin Spaniels are good-natured and affectionate little dogs who often wag their stubby tail and entire body. Their eyes display an enthusiastic expression and they are most commonly chocolate brown in color. While these Spaniels have been used for hunting since the early 1900s, they also make excellent family pets especially in country settings. 


 Sporting an admirable disposition, the friendly Boykin Spaniel shows no hostility towards other dogs or people in usual situations. They are not overly timid or hyperactive, instead they are docile with a pleasant, sweet temperament. Boykin Spaniels make exceptional hunting dogs that show strong obedience and retrieving skills. They are highly trainable, intelligent and love doing work. Additionally, these spaniels are fantastic swimmers with impressive endurance and versatile abilities. 


 To avoid matting, Boykin Spaniels should be regularly brushed at least bi-monthly. These dogs will shed in the spring.


 This breed is known to have several health issues including eye, heart and skin (allergy) problems. Each year, several puppies are born with hip dysplasia and should therefore litters should be thoroughly examined. Boykin Spaniels may also be susceptible to elbow dysplasia, under bite, patellar luxation or occasionally poor temperament. 


 Daily exercise is recommended for these Spaniels in the form of walks or swims, weather permitting. These dogs are good swimmers and enjoy playing in any aquatic environment. 


 Aiming to please, Boyking Spaniels do well with training. Be sure to train these dogs with finesse and well-timed coaching as this works better than other more severe methods used for large retrievers.