Boston Terrier

  • SIZE: 3
  • GROOMING:: 2
  • BREED: Boston Terrier
  • COLOR(S):Black, brindle, seal, with white markings on muzzle, between eyes, and chest. Possible white markings on legs.


 Boston Terriers are friendly, highly intelligent and lively dogs. With an excellent disposition, these gentle dogs are well-balanced and compactly built with short tails and strong muscles. These terriers have short heads, smooth coats and a high degree of intelligence making them incomparable companions. They are perfect with children and easy to train. 


 The Boston Terrier breed is gentle and well-mannered as well as enthusiastic and rambunctious at times. They have a good sense of humor and are very playful, alert dogs that like to be part of the family. They aim to please and do particularly well with children and the elderly. Additionally, Boston Terriers are very friendly with strangers and make an excellent member of the family. They like to learn, which makes them easy to train but they can be difficult to housebreak. They will get along well with other non-canine pets, but take care with male Boston Terriers as they can be dominant and try to fight other dogs. This breed is able to detect subtleties in the tone of someone’s voice and due to their high intelligence are able to pick things up quickly. The excellent character of the Boston Terrier makes it a popular choice in the United States. 


 Having a short, smooth coat, Boston Terriers are easy to groom. They should be bathed only when necessary and their brilliant and fine coat should be combed with a firm bristle brush. These little dogs are average shedders. 


 Because of their short face, Boston Terriers tend to have breathing difficulties and can be susceptible to luxating patellas, juvenile cataracts and brachycephalic syndrome. For this breed, whelping can be rough due to the puppies’ large head so C-section is often necessary. 


 Keep the Boston Terrier in shape with regular walks and the opportunity for free play in a fenced yard. Taking a simple romp in the yard will tend to give them enough exercise. 


 This breed will respond well to training when their owner spends time with them. Additionally, the Boston Terrier is easy to housebreak.