• SIZE: 9
  • GROOMING:: 2
  • BREED: Boerboel
  • COLOR(S):red, yellow cream ,dilute ,brown ,fawn ,brindle ,red brown, black and even white cream.


 Coming from the word "boer” for “farmer,” Boerboel translates to mean “farmer’s dog” or "Boer\'s dog" in African. These dogs were originally bred as watchdogs that looked after South African homesteads. Boerboels are perfectly balanced dogs with proportionate body parts and a short, broad head that appears as a deep square with muscular, well-filled cheeks. They are stocky, compact and extremely muscular with thick, loose wrinkled skin. When the dog is attentive, their brow furrows in moderate wrinkles. This breed has been kept as watchdogs, as friendly companions, playmates for children and protectors of the family. They will not retreat from any danger.


 Boerboels are a very dominant and intelligent breed with strong watchdog instincts. They are self-assured and fearless, able to intuitively sense if their family is in danger. These dogs are territorial especially in domestic settings where they know to protect their family. Be sure to socialize the Boerboel while it is a young puppy since, as a large guard dog, their instincts can turn toward aggression if not properly developed. Don’t leave these dogs unattended with young children or alone for extended periods of time as they will become destructive, reckless and dangerous. Boeboels thrive on love and attention. They require constant companionship from owners and if properly socialized when young, will make a reliable, manageable and obedient pet. Their instincts lead them toward being self-confident and fearless. Breeder standards do not accept uncontrollably aggressive and fearful Boerboels. 


 Boerboels are quite easy to groom thanks to their short, sleek coat that has dense hair coverage. They are an average shedding breed that only needs an occasional brushing. These dogs will do fine with a monthly bath or dip. 


 Like any other breed, Boerboels also suffer their share of health problems. Some of the common illnesses include Wobblers’ disease, elbow and hip dysplasia, Thyroid disease, eye problems, vaginal hyperplasia, heart issues, various allergies, and even bloat. Fortunately, this dog has a life expectancy of 12 years. 


 If kept as a domestic pet, this breed requires its own space making it not an ideal apartment pet. Boerboels need the freedom to play and run in a large area where they can enjoy a good game of ball. 


 Having been bred to encompass an extremely strong guarding instinct, Boerboels are obedient, intelligent, and self-assured. Prospective Boerboel owners should recognize that these dogs require a significant commitment of time and energy. Early training and socialization of this breed with ensure that they are happy members of the family.