Black Mouth Cur

  • SIZE: 6
  • GROOMING:: 1
  • BREED: Black Mouth Cur
  • COLOR(S):Reddish brown, yellow, red, brown. Brindled or solid with a black muzzle.


 Coming in a variety of shades from fawn to brindle and yellow, the Black Mouth Cur is a rugged and sturdy Southern dog. With a solid and deep chest, they have an unquestionably muscular build with a powerful muzzle in tan, black or the matching color of their coat. When the Black Mouth Cur is born, they can have heavier or lighter coats and litters can have a mix of coat types in the same family. For show, black muzzles are preferred while other coat colors are considered a fault. Most BM Curs have medium ears that hang slightly and are often born with short tails. Sometimes, their tail can be quite lengthy but it is not uncommon for this breed to have their tail docked. 


 For hunters, no other dog trumps the Black Mouth Cur. These swift dogs are capable of hunting a variety of creatures including bear, raccoons, boar, deer and squirrels. This dog will catch and kill medium-sized game with ease and never retreat. The Black Mouth is also proficient at baying and treeing a catch. While hunting, the Black Mouth will trail semi-open or silent and let out a chop or yodel on tree. They won’t often trot, instead they will move from a walk to a ground-covering sprint in a flash. Even though these dogs are avid hunters, they are also good for cattle work or playing with children. Black Mouths are loyal and fearless with a burning desire to please their masters. With an even temper and high intelligence, the Southern Curs stay loyal to their families and will even give their life to protect them, if necessary. The best owners for this breed will project a natural authority over the breed. 


 With short hair, Black Mouth Curs are easy to groom and merely require an occasionally combing or brushing to remove loose and dead hairs. These dogs should be bathed only when necessary since over-bathing can dry out their skin, causing skin problems. Be sure to keep their ear canal free of excess hair and clip their toenails. 


 There are no significant health concerns for the Black Mouth Cur breed. These dogs can be in danger of accidentally getting shot during a hunt. Owners should be sure to watch the dog at all times to prevent this mishap. 


 The Black Mouth Cur is an energetic breed of hunting dog. They require a good deal of regular exercise and plenty of running room. One long run is not enough to keep these dogs occupied as they are very physical and intelligent. They will relax in the presence of delicate women or children. Exercise should include a brisk, long walk or a lengthy jog; Black Mouths make excellent jogging companions. They do best in homes with large yards for exercise and can experience a range of behavior problems without enough exercise. BM Curs can become rambunctious and high strung without enough mental and physical exercise. If these dogs are not working out on the hunt, daily walks where the master leads the dog must occur.


 Owners should set the rules for this breed and enforce them. Black Mouths respond well to stern masters who are not harsh. Instead owners should stay calm and confident to convince the BM Cur that the human is head of the pack. During walks, masters should go first to reinforce that the dog is not the pack leader. Black Mouth Curs should be trained as puppies as soon as they reach their new home. Prevent boredom with short but frequent training sessions and do not trust Black Mouth Curs with non-canine pets.