• SIZE: 6
  • GROOMING:: 5
  • BREED: Beauceron
  • COLOR(S):Black & Tan with tan markings in specific areas; Multi-colored spotting with patches of tan, black, and gray.


 One of the most popular dogs in France, the Beauceron breed has been known as French herding dogs in Western Europe for centuries. They are often considered the world’s most versatile working dog and used as either a herder or guard dog. Relative to the Briard, the Berger de Beauce is thought to be a descendent of the Doberman due to their mostly black appearance with Doberman-like tan markings. They have long tails and distinctive double dewclaws on their rear legs. Beaucerons usually have cropped ears and are large, muscular dogs. These dogs are not for the weak-willed and are said to only respect their masters. They tend to be wary of strangers, however, they are good tempered and easy to train. 


 The Beauceron breed is known for their loyalty, patience and protective nature. They defend vigorously, to the point where it is suggested that children should not be disciplined in the same room as the Beauceron because the dog will protect the child at all costs. 


 This breed sports a short coat that only requires weekly brushing to maintain. During their shedding season, Beaucerons require extra attention. 


 Like most other dogs, Beaucerons can be susceptible to bloat which is the second most common killer of dogs. This occurs when the dog eats too much too fast and is also known as twisted stomach, or gastric torsion. The deep chest of the Beaucerons makes them particularly prone to this issue. Elbow and hip dysplasia may also be common health concerns for the breed. 


 These herding dogs require regular exercise on a daily basis including long walks and the ability to run off leash. Beaucerons also enjoy stimulating activities like agility class. 


 Training and socialization should occur for these dogs at an early age. In addition to the physical exercise of long walks, Beaucerons need the mental exercise that comes from training.