Kerry Blue Terrier

  • SIZE: 4
  • GROOMING:: 7
  • BREED: Kerry Blue Terrier
  • COLOR(S):Any shade of blue, with or without black points. A small white patch on the chest should not be penalized.


 The Kerry Blue Terrier is a well-built, muscular, medium-sized dog with true terrier style and character. Born black at birth the coat changes color through one or more transitions. This breed is gentle, lovable, and intelligent. It is successfully in herding sheep and cattle; an all-round working and utility terrier. It is outgoing and friendly towards its family, it is known to give big slurpy kisses. It is a loving family dog.


The Kerry Blue Terrier is affectionate, vivacious and playful, determined and alert, boisterous and unrepressed. It needs human companionship, it likes to be with its family. The Kerry Blue tends to be fairly dog aggressive, but generally it gets along well with other pets if properly socialized. This breed makes a good watchdog, but will not attack without real provocation. It is very protective; it makes a good watchdog and guard dog. It rarely barks unnecessarily. This breed needs an experienced master; you can reach the best results with consistent, loving and well-balanced obedience training. This dog is intelligent; it has a very good memory. It has an aptitude for sports such as catch and agility training, but make sure the dog enjoys the challenge, but if the lessons are too routine for the Kerry Blue its stubbornness will show. It is a sporty dog, which likes to accompany its handler on long walks, but it will accept the occasional week without such a good outing. 


 Soft, spiky, plentiful and wavy. It should be groomed every 6 weeks. It also needs to have the hair pulled out of the ear canal, as it is prone to ear infections when the ear hair gets too long and wax and dirt have built up. The Kerry Blue sheds little to no hair and is odorless, even when wet. Bathing and combing every week is a must! Frequent bathing will not dry out the skin as it does in so many other breeds. Without proper care their beard will get smelly and packed with food and dirt. The Kerry Blue is good for allergy sufferers. 


Kerry Blues are unfortunately prone to several genetic disorders. Of these are cerebellar abiotrophy, cataracts, blood disorders, hair-follicle tumors, and tear deficiency. Other health concerns include spiculosis (disorder of the hair), entropion, hip dysplasia and dry eyes (keratoconjunctivitis sicca). 


 Daily exercise is essential, which should consist of long walks on a leash and/or games off-leash, but never around other dogs or other animals such as cats. 


 Obedience training is necessary for the Kerry Blue Terrier as they are an active, self-confident and stubborn dog. Training should be combined with patience and firmness. They often like to challenge authority.