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  • BREED: Mastiff
  • GENDER: 2male(s) and 3female(s)
  • AVAILABILITY DATE: 2020-02-04
  • PRICE: $2000
  • LOCATION: Fredericksburg
  • COLOR: Fawn with black mask
  • BuyersProtect Yourself

CKC Mastiff puppies for sale. CKC preregistered, Vet checked and health guarantee, shots and dewormed. I will provide copies of parents pedigree as well. I’m a premium CKC Breeder, a part of Purina Pro club. I own both parents and they were checked thoroughly by the Vet before bred together. They are laid back, smart and have a beautiful calm disposition (temperament) about them. They have been well socialized with other breeds of dogs as well as people. They are all loved and well taken care of. My prayers are that they will be loved as much or even more than I do in a new sound loving home. They are a loving breed and enjoy a calm environment and do very well on a schedule. They believe they are lap dogs but as you can see they get a little to big for that. They love their owners attention and they are very loyal. Some can be a little hard headed to train but I believe training from the beginning is key. I’ve started with the puppies and they are learning quickly. Sit, stay, paw, no, no bite, something about puppies and having big ears. They are being crate trained with no issues. The puppies are on a schedule. Four time a day feeding (Purina Pro large breed puppy food) not over fed because you do not want an obese Mastiff this is very bad on there joints. They have play time with learning commands, they are hand washed and towel dried and teeth are brushed. They lay down at 7:30pm and stay asleep through the night. Again they are loved like a new born baby. They are my babies. I keep the puppies longer because they learn to imprint there mother’s behavior and are socialized, which in turn makes for a happy socialized puppy. And myself a little more attached. As well as gives me more time to make sure there isn’t any unforeseen health issues or behavioral issues. My goal is to breed healthy, socialized great temperament dogs. To weed out health issues and temperamental issues sound puppies!