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  • BREED: American Bully
  • GENDER: 1male(s) and 3female(s)
  • AVAILABILITY DATE: 2018-07-16
  • PRICE: $2400
  • LOCATION: Longwood, Florida
  • COLOR: Red and White
  • BuyersProtect Yourself

This is a repeat/ second litter between ChimeraXL Samson & ChimeraXLs Lucy. We are down to the last male puppy for sale/ 4th pick Male $2400.00. The last 3 females, 2nd pick $2800.00, 3rd pick $2600.00 & 4th pick $2400.00. Their father weighs 151 lbs and is just under 2 years of age and is of the Viet Shark RedLion bloodline. Their mother weighs 107 lbs. & is of the famous Camelot bloodline. These puppies will grow to be huge, with the male weighing in up to 150lbs of muscle. The females can easily surpass their mom and weigh up to 130lbs. They were bred for their temperament, they will make excellent guard dogs, perfect nannies for the kids and all around amazing companions. The photo of the adult male dog running in the grass is their father/ Sire ChimeraXL Samson. The photo of the adult female sitting on asphalt with a close up shot is their mother/ Dam Lucy.