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  • BREED: English Bulldog
  • GENDER: 3male(s) and 4female(s)
  • AVAILABILITY DATE: 2022-05-10
  • PRICE: $2000
  • LOCATION: Thonotassa
  • COLOR: Fawn, White, And Brindle
  • BuyersProtect Yourself

Say hello to the 7 puppy duo ????. These gorgeous females and males are now ready to find a furever home, which could be you! Do you ever remember the old saying it's better to do it now, and then ask for forgiveness later? Well that's our moto here because who could ever stay mad at a squishy face like that. All of them are Brindle except for 1 which is the fawn as you see below. They have 0 breeding, and breathing problems. The mom had all 7 puppies in a total of 2 1/2 hours, and she did not have to get a C-section done, no runts are in the litter, and 2 of them do have cherry eyes BUT we still received the health certificates for them and it can not cause any damage, it is just not as pleasing to the eye. They were born February. 28th. 2022 and they will get up to 50-65 pounds. They are fantastic family dogs, and guard dogs, and they are outstanding with children. It is very easy to train them, and they are very loyal, smart, loving dogs. They are great work dogs, so if you're adventurous and love the outdoors, they will too! It is one of the greatest breeds I have owned and I recommend to everyone to get an Olde English Bulldogge because they are not to large or to small, and they are a great dog over all. The father does not have paper BUT we have seen his mother first hand and she is infact a Olde English Bulldog, and the father was a American Bulldog. The mother of the litter is fully Olde English Bulldog and has papers. The father is still an amazing example of a OEBD, and as I said previously they all come with a health certificate, and a small bag of dog food that we recommend getting for the dog. If you find yourself interested in one of these little chunky patatos please contact me now! I please ask for serious inquiries ONLY and please do not leave me on read. For anymore detail please feel free to contact me on here.