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  • BREED: Poodle - Standard
  • GENDER: 0male(s) and 4female(s)
  • AVAILABILITY DATE: 2022-04-18
  • PRICE: $2500
  • LOCATION: Durham
  • COLOR: Brown; Black & White
  • BuyersProtect Yourself

4 still available - F1b Bernedoodle Puppies available. Expected weight is 60 lbs. The puppies are 75% standard poodle and 25?rnese mountain dog. Bernedoodles are the perfect, loving companions for active owners and families with children. They are very intelligent but tend to be goofy and love attention from their humans.\r\nBoth parents are healthy, beautiful, and cleared through DNA genetic testing. Stud is a Standard Poodle and Mom is a F1 Bernedoodle. Born on February 21st, 2022 and are ready to join their new family now! They are all up to date on his shots and dewormed, and vet checked. All have been using a litter box (pine pellets in a rabbit pan) since 3 ½ weeks and very few accidents outside of the box at this point so hopefully very easy to transition to potty training.\r\n\r\nMartha – Black and White, female, very sassy and loves to wrestle with her brothers. - $2,250\r\nEleanor - A rich and beautiful brown with a white chin and chest. Female. Our little explorer! She already loves walking around the house exploring, she is always the first to escape the pen if the door is left open. - $2,500\r\nGeorgie – White and Black like a cow. Female. Very human oriented. Likes to lay down next to you while watching her brothers and sisters play. - $2,250\r\nLady – Black and White, female. AKA Baby Cora as Lady is almost an exact replica of her Mom Cora. She is very chill, likes to do anything you want to do. Can lay down anywhere and go to sleep. New things do not scare her. - $2,500\r\nStud Details: 50 lbs. Standard Poodle AKC certified, Phantom Parti, genetic and health testing completed (OFA, Canine Health Check, UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory) and reports can be provided. Very people oriented.\r\n\r\nMom (Cora) Details: 75 lbs. F1 Bernedoodle, tri-color, Paw Print Genetic testing completed and all normal and report can be provided. Very energetic, athletic, loves water, and is a great snuggler!\r\n\r\nMore Details:\r\n\r\nShipping is not available but willing to travel within a couple of hours of our North Carolina home to deliver or meet (public places only).\r\n\r\nFor more information please do not hesitate to contact me! I’m always happy to provide more information, photos, or videos! Once a deposit is made we are happy to send daily updates with videos. Message me here or email me at