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  • BREED: Schnauzer - Giant
  • GENDER: 1male(s) and 0female(s)
  • AVAILABILITY DATE: 2021-07-04
  • PRICE: $3500
  • LOCATION: Middletown
  • COLOR: Black
  • BuyersProtect Yourself

We wanted a dog for our family and thought my time home over COVID would be perfect to trainrnan addition.  We had spent a long time researching breads and selected a giant schnauzer becausernthey are hair not fur (hypoallergenic), smart, athletic, obedient, and loyal. We spent over two yearsrnlooking before we purchased.  While we have spent countless hours with him training and learningrnwith him, ultimately, we've realized that we just aren't dog people.  He has had plenty of love andrnattention with us, as well as being engaged in exercise and behaving well to be an addition to ourrnfamily, we just don't enjoy pet life like pet lovers do. Being that he just turned one, we thought it fairrnto find a home with a tried-and-true dog loving family.  rnAbout Sergeant Schnauzer (Sarge),rn     He was born 6-14-20 to a couple who have always had giants and were not intending to breed.rnAs a result, he is  AKC registered.  We have photos of both parents, we were told his father was justrnunder 100lbs and his mother 85, he currently is at 65.  This boy is house broken, crate trainedrnovernight and while away during the day,  has no evidence of destructive behavior (other than thingsrnwhich he may perceive as toys IE: balls, stuffed animals, small plastic toys), he does not climb orrnsleep on furniture or our beds. He does not go on stairs to our second level. He is playful with our catrnand is very good with other dogs, he loves to play. He is collar proximity trained in our yard andrnresponds very well to the electric training collar. He is not at all aggressive to other people orrnchildren, but does stand attention with new people at the house and may bark but is quickly quietedrnwith a command. He is very athletic and regularly has had 3-4 hours to run outside every day in nicernweather.rnFeatures of Sarge:rn-Received 5 week boarding with trainer for formal obedience training, followed by 6 weeks ofrnindividualized training sessions at our homern     Mastery of: SIT, SIT STAY, DOWN, DOWN STAY   rn     Often: LEAVE IT command, OFF in regard to paws up on things, HEAL on Leashrn     Emerging: COME off leash, FETCH, OFF in regard to visitors and jumpingrn-Current with Vaccinations (records will be given), no health issues to date, no signs of congenitalrnissues, he was neutered 6/17/21. Groomed every 5-7 weeks, season dependent last 7-2-21rnIncluded:rnPetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless fence (300 value)rnDog Care brand Rechargeable Electric Training Collar (40 value)rnFolding 2-door wire crate 48” (100 value)rnTwo Yeti Bowls Boomer 8 dog bowls (100 value)rnLeather 4” lead with Adjustable Herm Sprenger Training Collar (50 value)rnRope 6” LeadrnRemaining treats, toys, food, and accessories