Dog Breeds

Cesky Terrier

 The Cesky Terrier is a small but sturdy, rectangular terrier with short legs, drop-ears, long coat and a big heart. They are muscular dogs, slightly longer than they are tall. They have long heads that have a blunt nose and deep set eyes. Its feet are large and its coat is thick and silky. This breed can be either bluish grey or chocolate brown in color. Cesky Terriers carry the fading gene, found in few other breeds, such as the Bearded Collie. The fading gene is a gene that causes the dog's hair to fade as it grows, much like the graying of people hair as they get older. On blue dogs, the skin is grey and on brown dogs the skin is tan. As the blue dogs get older their fur will turn more grayish, while as the brown terriers will turn a light brown coffee color. The face is a forest of hair, and in some places is curly. Facial hair on this breed is not clipped, and gives the terrier the look for long bushy eyebrows and beard. Calm, responsive and devoted, the Cesky Terrier makes a wonderful family pet in a wide range of living situations. Cesky Terriers get along well with people of all ages and are usually good with other pets as well. They are often easy going and easy to take care of. The Cesky is less aggressive and independent, and more eager to please than the typical terrier. They are said to be much more mild than regular terriers. They are usually patient, gentle, and good with anyone. They are also very adaptable. 

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