Dog Breeds

Briquet Griffon Vendeen

 The Briquet Griffon Vendeen sports a bushy, dense double coat in either a solid or mixed color scheme. These dogs are often black with tan markings, fawn with black markings, fawn with white markings or tricolor being all of these variations with white markings. They have low-set drop ears that are medium length and a short head with a short muzzle. Even though their body is stocky, they have lighter bones in comparison to other breeds. Briquets have a saber-like tail contrasting against the heavy mustache and eyebrows found on their face. These dogs are well constructed, hardy hunting dogs known to be independent, unruly and very hot to pursue and kill their prey. They are quite capable of rousing a variety of game on all kinds of terrain including hills, sand and even flooded areas. Typically having a one track mind, they will follow a scent tirelessly and not immediately recognize humans as their owners from birth. Briquets have their own strong instincts and will follow them. They are intense, active creatures who are vocal in personality and quite prone to tail-wagging. 

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