Dog Breeds

Bracco Italiano

 Bracco Italianos are tall, large canines whose coat features striking colors of brown and white, orange and white, or abundant freckles. Their thin faces have wrinkled hanging skin around their chins and neck, leading down to a muscular, squarely built body. Their noses may be anywhere from pink to brown. They have fine, smooth coats of fur and tapering tails that are often docked to half their length. The Bracco Italiano breed sports long, drooping ears that will perk when they are listening. Originally, these deep chested dogs were thought to belong to two separate breeds depending on their color whether it be orange and white or brown and white. However, these color differences are now seen as variations of the same breed. These dogs can be avid workers but will easily distinguish work from play. They make peaceful, affectionate and easy going house pets. 

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