Dog Breeds

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

 The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren strongly resembles the three other breeds of Belgian Shepherds (Belgian Sheepdog/Groenendael, Belgian Malinois and Laekenois) in coat color, stature and muscular build. They stand out with their beautiful, long, feathery coat that creates a picturesque example of grace and power. Their red, gray and black coat is abundant and distinct in appearance. Originating from the same breed as the other Belgian Shepherd dogs, they have traditionally been used as working dogs to guard or herd flocks. These centuries of herding and guarding make them excellent working dogs that perform exceptionally well with obedience, tracking, agility and herding tasks. Additionally, they remain reserved and are not often friendly to anyone who walks by. Contrastingly, they are wonderful and active family dogs wanting a master that they can serve. They are devoted, intelligent, alert and courageous and enjoy an active lifestyle. With a medium-sized, square build, Tervurens can adapt to either country or urban living but need ample space to exercise. 

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