Dog Breeds

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

 The Belgian Shepherd Malinois makes a wonderful working dog in herding, obedience, tracking and agility, as well as a devoted and active family dog. This breed is intelligent and often called a no-nonsense dog that must be taken seriously by their owner. Owners should be experienced with dogs and ready for the lively nature of the Malinois. Courageous and alert, these dogs are medium sized and considered the epitome of power and grace due to their solid yet agile build. Their bodies are as long as they are tall giving them a “square” appearance. Covered by short hair, their chest is deep instead of broad or narrow, reaching back to the elbow. They often sport black tips, ears and mask with a predominantly fawn, red or mahogany coat. Some will have white tufts on their chest and feet, but all Belgian Malinois dogs have a thick undercoat and a collar formed by longer hair around their neck. These powerful, alert dogs seem to have a questioning expression that comes from their small, dark, almond-shaped eyes. 

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