Dog Breeds

Water Spaniel - American

 The American Water Spaniel was developed as an all-around hunting dog, bred to retrieve from skiff or canoes, as they were sometimes referred to as the "Skiff dog". They are an active, muscular dog, medium in size with a curly coat which has oil coating that makes them water resistant. The American Water Spaniel's head is moderate in length, with a broad full skull with a strong neck that blends smoothly with the shoulders. It has long ears with close curls, hazel-brown, alert eyes set well apart, and a sufficiently wide nose to ensure excellent scenting ability. All these are attributes that make the American Water Spaniel a great hunting dog. The American Water Spaniel also has a well developed and sturdily constructed back. Primarily a hunting dog, the American Water Spaniel also makes an ideal family pet who will interact well with the entire family. The American Water Spaniels still thinks of himself as a water dog and hunting comes natural to them. The American Water Spaniel is the state dog of Wisconsin. 

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