Dog Breeds

Thai Ridgeback

 The Thai Ridgeback is found mainly in Thailand. They are very intelligent dogs, which tend to have a mind of their own. Thai Ridgebacks are independent, somewhat undomesticated, and naturally protective of their own. The Thai Ridgeback is very intelligent and tough. Unfortunate to some, they can often be aggressive with other dogs and with strange people. The Thai Ridgeback is a medium sized dog, it has a wedged-shaped head, pricked ears with a short coat. It’s one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Thai Ridgebacks have an interesting look to them, looking almost like they have been pushed back into their own skin, making it wrinkly around the neck and face. The Thai Ridgeback can be a variety of colors, being chestnut, red, blue, fawn or black. Some have been white as well, but it is rare. Thought to be the perfect mix of a spitz-type dog and a primitive breed, the Thai Ridgeback is a classic example of the results of isolated breeds. They are only one of three breeds every discovered to have a ridge of hair growing in the opposite direction on the back: the Rhodesian Ridgeback of Africa, and the Phu Quoc Dog of Vietnam. Thai Ridgebacks have up to eight different types of ridges along their backs, and some Ridgebacks are actually born without ridges or with plush coats! With a spotted or completely blue or black tongue, the Thai Ridgeback is truly a unique breed. 

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