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Swedish Vallhund

 In its native Sweden, these dogs are called Vasgotaspets, which means "Spitz of the West Goths." Such a powerful name is given to this little dog of great heart. The Swedish Vallhund is not only very friendly but also very eager to please. Loyal and affectionate, these Swedish Cattledogs need plenty of exercise to keep in shape to do as their master asks. They are eager, alert, bold and curious. Energetic, this breed is ideal for children who like to play. The Swedish Vallhund is an intelligent breed and they get along well with other pets and other people. All of this exciting package is wrapped up in a small sized, sturdy spitz type body. They are a rectangular shape, and may be related to the Corgi with their short, long stature and naturally long, bob, or docked tail. The ears are pricked and the coat is double with a thicker undercoat and grey to red coarse outer coat. Swedish Vallhunds have a foxy look to them, with the impression of pride in their expression. For the owner needing a small yet strong, well balanced dog, the Swedish Vallhund is top notch. 

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