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Australian Shepherd - Miniature

 Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies and dogs make wonderful companions and can also enjoy working with small stock. They are well-balanced, alert and athletic but have a playful side, making them love children. These sensitive and confident dogs are easy to train, make good guardians and are devoted to their families. Except for their size, Mini Aussies are the exact replica of their larger counterpart, the Australian Shepherd. While some people consider the Australian Shepherd to have three separate sizes of dogs – Standard, Miniature and Toy – others group the Toy and Mini into the same category. Either way, all versions of the Australian Shepherd are identical save for size. Australian Shepherd miniature puppies and dogs are quaint, compact dogs with a sturdy body and medium length fur covering their bodies. Their coat features markings and colors of blue merle, black, red, merle, totally red with or without white and with or without tan points. These fun loving and hardworking dogs have triangular drop ears and eyes that can be various colors such as blue, brown, amber or any combination of the three. Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies and dogs are friendly and loving and make excellent companions and friends. 

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