Dog Breeds

Shiloh Shepherd

 Very similar to a German Shepherd except larger and heavier, with a calmer, softer, more easy going personality, the Shiloh Shepherd portrays a distinct impression of nobility with a superior aura of intelligence that radiates a sense of regal wisdom and strength. Powerfully built with unsurpassed beauty and elegance, this gentle giant possesses superior intelligence wrapped in a heart of gold, faithfully protecting his home and those he loves. The Shiloh Shepherd comes straight from German Shepherd and Malamute stock, and is simply bigger, less skiddish with a more reliable temperament, and with healthier hips. The breed was separated from the German Shepherd in 1990. The Shiloh Shepherd is a strong, agile, well-muscled dog, alert and full of life. They are extremely intelligent and make a wonderful companion, show or obedience dog. They are lively, intelligent and very strong. They are excellent in agility and obedience tests. They excel in serving their masters, and they are continually responsive. Shiloh Shepherds should be calm, consistent in attitude, obedient and alert. If puppies are born that exhibit nervousness, shyness or aggressiveness, the pup is maintained to not be bred. Therefore, this breed has been developed to the point of having rather sound, pleasant, friendly personality. Knowledgeable training and handling are required, however, due to the Shiloh Shepherd's natural instinct to protect their owners. They are large and alert enough to protect, but are loving and friendly towards friends and family. 

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