Dog Breeds

Australian Kelpie

 To this day, the Australian Kelpie is the most popular sheepdog breed in Australia. These medium-sized sheepdogs are considered the best performing for their size, making them a favorite among sheep farmers across the globe as well. Their compact bodies showcase strong muscles, well developed limbs and naturally prick ears. Kelpies generally come in a variety of colors including black, red, chestnut, tan, bluish-grey, dark chestnut or a combination of these. Even though these dogs are small, they work without limitations and are capable of herding or guarding goats, cattle, reindeer and poultry. Australian Kelpies are light footed and extremely agile making them outstanding shepherd dogs. They possess strong natural herding and guarding instincts, and are capable of lightening, running starts as well as dead stops. Their abilities are matched by their inexhaustible supply of energy and devotion to their work. Kelpies are a versatile breed with a passion of getting the job done. They are intense in the field and will work hard, even in extreme discomfort. They are mild mannered in the home and rarely affection, although they are friendly to their masters. 

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