Dog Breeds

Rafeiro Do Alentejo

 The Rafeiro do Alentejo, which is the Rafeiro of Alentejo, is a large dog that rather looks like a short haired Saint Bernard. They have a wide, bear like head, and are longer than they are tall. They have more length than brawn as a big dog, but are still rather bulky and loosely muscled. They have been used for centuries as a guard dog and herding dog of sheep. The name comes from the region in which they originated, the Alentejo province south of Lisbon, Portugal. Characteristic of a guard dog, this Portuguese Mastiff has great guarding tendencies and is not afraid to be aggressive if the need be. In fact, this breed rarely makes a good house dog, as it is naturally more protective than most breeds. It is also difficult to command, as it is rather willful and hard-headed. They are peaceful around family and children, but can be threatening to strangers. Their deep bark can be heard from a long way off. They need plenty of space, being used to having the outdoors as their home. The Rafeiro do Alentejo can be portrayed as "too much dog for most people." They are, however, readily trained in guarding flocks of sheep, and make a fine hunter as well. 

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