Dog Breeds

Pyrenean Shepherd

 The Berger de Pyrenees, or Pyrenean Shepherd, is a medium sized breed that comes in two different varieties: the Long-haired and the Smooth-haired. Some even break the breed down into another category: the Wire-haired. These variations came about from the area in which the breed lived, with fur length and texture determined by the climate and living conditions. The Long-haired type has long, shaggy hair that will cord if not brushed out regularly. The Smooth-haired type has less fur, and it is shorter, about medium length. Both are herding dogs, bred for working with the Pyrenean Mountain dog and the Pyrenean Mastiff. Pyrenean Shepherds can be nervous, but good at working at a job. They thrive off of an activity and being around their people. They are active, full of energy, and can be mischievous at times. Training is essential for this breed, as they can turn into little terrors if not properly trained and socialized when they are young. The Smooth-haired type tends to be less nervous than the Long-haired, but both have exceeding energy and spunk. 

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