Dog Breeds


 A Puggle is a hybrid that is a cross-breed of a Pug and a Beagle and may demonstrate any combination of traits from those two breeds. Hybrids have become very popular in the past few years. They play a big role in the current designer dog trend. The experimentation of these hybrid or designer dogs has not been recognized by the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club. The key to cross breeding to purebred dogs is what is called hybrid vigor, the breeding resulting in a healthier dog with superior genetic constitution can come from dogs purebred for so long that they have common genetic disorders. Some of the characteristics of a Puggle is their wrinkled face, short legs and a short, stout body. The Puggle is a little smaller than a regular Beagle. Puggles will have a curled tail like the Pug dog, but the droopy ears of the beagle. Their eyes will usually resemble of the Beagle’s eyes and the legs can be long or short. A Puggle is not the best dogs for allergy sufferers. Some Puggles can be barkers, and like Beagles, can also be prone to howling. They are a great breed for apartment living because of their size and have become quite popular in New York City. 

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