Dog Breeds

Portuguese Podengo

 The Portuguese Podengo is an attractive, sturdy and efficient breed that comes in three distinct sizes: Grande, Medio, and Pequeño. The large has the appearance similar to the Ibizan Hound and is very rare, the medium size is smaller but identical and popular, and the smallest size is very similar to the Chihuahua in size and appearance, as well as popularity. All three are hunting dogs, used to hunt hare, rabbit and other small game. They all are the same colors, each appearing predominantly fawn or yellow with or without white markings. All three also come in either short-haired glossy versions or wire-haired thicker coated variations. Portuguese Podengos are lively, affectionate and make excellent companions. They are alert, eager to hunt and may be distantly related to a small species of Iberian wolf. Attractive, good-natured and a fine guardian and hunter, the Portuguese Podengo can be modified to fit any size an owner is searching for. 

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