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Polish Tatra Sheepdog

 This big, strong, impressive shepherd dog called the Polish Tatra Sheepdog is resistant to climatic conditions. Podhalanskis, another name for this breed, have an all white coat. They do best in northern climates, as they have a thick, long woolly outer coat. Their eyes are deep and brown, and are slightly slanted. They have medium sized drop ears and large feet. Their long tails have been used by humans for sturdiness during a dangerous trek through the mountains. These dogs have special intelligence and instinct, and they are very watchful. Tatras are distrustful of strangers, but faithful and completely devoted to their master and his family. They can be rather independent, exerting their dominance over anyone if nobody else exerts dominance over them. They should be socialized and trained when they are young to know who is master. The Tatra sheepdog is a proud dog and just like any social animal it needs constant contact with its master. They are especially alert at night, often voicing their complaints and warnings to anything nearby. Their imposing attitude and beautifully massive appearance make them a good guard and companion dog. 

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