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Pharaoh Hound

 The Pharaoh Hound's appearance is of grace, power, elegance and speed. They are medium sized dogs and of noble bearing with hard, clean-cut lines. A sight and scent hound, they are an intelligent and affectionate dog who are playful and enjoy a good run. Unique to the Pharaoh Hound is the characteristic of "blushing" when excited, in which their faces, noses and insides of their ears turn a rosy pink. They greatly resemble the Egyptian god Anubis, in which they have been said to "glow like a god" when they blush. They are lean dogs, leanly muscled and with thin faces and large, pointing, upright ears. The Pharaoh Hound comes in the color of tan with white markings on the chest, toes, and center line of the face. They have slightly wrinkled faces and shoulders. Pharaoh Hounds are as intelligent as they look. They are quick to obey, can move fast and are efficient at their job as rabbit hunters. For this reason, they are not trustworthy with small animals. Pharaoh Hounds take care of themselves, and have been said to be as clean as cats. Some have been reported to lick themselves when it rains, getting the water off. This is thought to be an instinctual drive to get as much water as possible when it is available, as they have developed in the deserts of Egypt. 

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