Dog Breeds

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

 The Anatolian Shepherd is similar in looks to the Great Pyrenees with its dark nose, medium sized drop ears and brown, almond shaped eyes. This breed is more agile and has a tighter frame than the Great Pyrenees. Anatolian Shepherd dogs are known for their large, strong frame and their courage. They are bold and steady but never aggressive and will be loyal and keen on protection. This dog breed can reach up to 30 inches and other than their black mask and ears, come in a variety of colors from solid cream to fawn. As an intelligent breed, these dogs are independent and hardy and were at one time used to hunt wolves. Today, in the United States, Anatolian Shepherd dogs are often used as hunters, sheepdogs and in the military. They are very stern about their job and are rather protective, acting as if guarding is their main priority. They usually do not like strangers and owners often stress “this dog is not a gentle giant.

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