Dog Breeds

Lancashire Heeler

 Looking like a mix between the Manchester Terrier and the Welsh Corgi, the Lancashire Heeler is said to be relative to these. They are short legged, and quite long in body. The breed has large prick ears that stand on end when listening intently. They are excellent herding and heeling dogs, which is what they were originally used for. Lancashire Heelers have such strong herding instincts that one owner reported her Lancashire trying to herd the cattle on TV! Lancashire Terriers are a happy breed, enjoying the company of family and get along well with other pets. They make an affectionate breed, although very good at hunting vermin and rabbits. Lancashire Heelers are alert, energetic, and fun - making them a pleasant and positive companion. An interesting fact about this breed is that when they are content and happy, they have been known to give the "Heeler smile", in which the dog may sit back, draw back their lips and form what looks like a smile! 

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