Dog Breeds

Kishu Ken

 The Kishu Ken is a medium sized dog of almost always white color. They are a courageous, trustworthy breed with a close resemblance to the Shiba Inu and Ainu Dog. The Kishu, a medium sized sturdy dog, was once used for hunting deer and wild boar. They have the potential to be powerful, and have often been praised by the Japanese. Kishu Kens have a broad head with large prick ears, uncropped. They have a thick double coat that is very useful in the winter, soft underneath and harsh on the outside. They come in few colors, mostly white, but also in red, sesame or brindle. Kishu Kens are spirited, brave and strong. Due to their strong prey drive, they are not suited well around other, smaller pets. They do, however, do very well with other dogs, as they are pack hunters. They are clean, calm and quiet. They are gentle and devoted to family, but wary with strangers. Headstrong and a leader, the Kishu Ken is best suited for one person. Almost of the same lineage, they are closely related to the Kai Ken and Shikoku, all being named by the Japanese their "scarred glory".

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