Dog Breeds

Irish Water Spaniel

 The Irish Water Spaniel presents a picture of a smart, upstanding strongly built sporting dog. They are large dogs, riding high on their long thighs and low hocks. They are the tallest of the spaniels. Hidden in a forest of tight, curly ringlets for fur are two dark hazel eyes. They have a strong, square body and a whip-like tail, earning them the nickname of “Whip Tail”, “Rat Tail” and “Rat Tail Spaniel”. Irish Water Spaniels have a wonderful temperament and a unique appearance, making them an enjoyable breed. They have a greatly intelligent, quick learning, fun-loving personality that have earned them the title of "clowns of the spaniel family." Owners insist that this breed has a sense of humor. Irish Water Spaniels love water and will often take a flying leap into any body of water they encounter. Irish Water Spaniels excel in retrieving wildfowl. They are good guard dogs and excellent retrievers. Irish Water Spaniels are reserved with strangers, however, making them good watchdogs as well. They are not friendly with other dog breeds, and need socialization for most of their lives. 

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