Dog Breeds


 The Harrier looks like a smaller version of the English Foxhound and a larger version of the Beagle. Harriers must have all the attributes of a scenting pack hound, including a keen sense of smell and a good nature. They are friendly, gentle, and responsive, making them charming family companions. Raised in a pack, they get along well with other dogs and even bond with them. Harriers are excellent at scenting, chasing and running down prey. They have a high prey drive. They are very loyal and happy around family and pack, and enjoy their company. They are outgoing, enthusiastic and curious. Harriers are true hounds at heart. They are independent, willful, vocal and somewhat stubborn. They are of a medium build, with the hound colors of a Beagle, as well as the resemblance of one. They are solid, muscular dogs that have a square muzzle and round brown eyes. They have floppy drop ears, with paws that are turned in. They come in black, tan and white colors usually, and are very low maintenance dogs. Harriers are excellent with people and other dogs alike, making them highly desirable for a family needing a friendly hound dog. 

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