Dog Breeds

Golden Retriever

 The Golden Retriever is a beautiful golden breed with its origins dating back to the mid 1800’s in Great Britain by Lord Tweedmouth. In search of a superior bird and hunting dog and after many cross breedings from Irish Setters, Water Spaniels, and other Retrievers, the Golden Retriever was born. Goldens are enthusiastic and adaptable by nature and rank in the top 5 family-friendly dogs. They are very active and were born to play fetch with just about anything, ball, stick, especially a Frisbee or flying disc. Great with children, they are very loyal to their owners with an above average daily exercise requirement. An ideal owner is one that is active and outdoorsy. Note: Golden Retrievers love the water, don’t be surprised if you are out for a walk near a pond or lake that you see your dog take off and jump in the water. 

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