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Fox Terrier - Wire

The Wire Fox Terrier is a gay, lively, active dog. The Wire Fox Terriers are an energetic, inquisitive, playful breed who love to run, chase and explore. Identical to the Smooth Fox Terrier except for its coat, it is affectionate and trainable making the ideal child's companion. Never refusing to play, Fox Terrier – Wire puppies and dogs do everything with full force such as scrambling over furniture to reach a ball. They are very friendly and get along well with children. However, Fox Terrier – Wire puppies and dogs may try to dominate other dogs and will treat other small pets in the same fashion as they would a fox! This breed, being a terrier, loves to dig and bark when they need to. They are alert and determined, ready to be a great watchdog. Fox Terrier – Wire puppies and dogs are affectionate, trustworthy and eager. They remain an enthusiastic little dog with longer legs than the average terrier. They have mostly white bodies of short and leanly muscular build. Fox Terrier – Wire puppies and dogs often have spots of brown and black, especially on the face. Their drop button ears and terrier build attract onlookers even outside the show ring. This breed has a long face that is more slender than the Jack Russell Terrier, which it resembles. The Wire Fox Terrier is one of the oldest of the terrier breeds who were bred to dig down into burrow to flush out foxes or catch small animals. Easy dogs to live with, they enjoy being a part of the family. Fox Terrier – Wire puppies and dogs are eager to please and clean in their household habits. They make delightful companions for active people.  

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