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Finnish Lapphund

 Bearing high resemblance to the Samoyed and Keeshond, the Finnish Lapphund is one of two versions of the same breed. The general breed, the Lapphund, originally existed in in Scandinavia, then trickled down to both Sweden and Finland. To avoid confusion with the name, both countries simply named the same dog after their own country. Thus exists the Finnish Lapphund and the Swedish Lapphund, varying only slightly in size. The Finnish Lapphund is a medium sized dog that is compact and well built. They are covered with a bushy double coat that can protect against the most severe Finnish weather. Their tails come up over the back and curl, and they can be of any color. Finnish Lapphunds are known to have a distinct marking sometimes appearing around the eyes known as "spectacles". A small circle of fur around the eyes is colored lighter than the rest of the fur, creating the appearance of glasses. They have a foxy-type muzzle, profuse fur and short triangular ears. Finnish Lapphunds are very friendly, weather-resistant and naturally good at alarming their masters, as they bark at unusual occurrences. They have more recently become family pets due to their friendly nature, but were once used for reindeer herding. They have a natural instinct to herd, although this trait has diminished with lack of use. Finnish Lapphunds are intelligent, trainable and enjoy a cool climate. Pleasant and obedient, the Finnish Lapphund makes an excellent companion or herding dog. 

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