Schnauzer - Miniature

  • SIZE: 2
  • GROOMING:: 5
  • BREED: Schnauzer - Miniature
  • COLOR(S):Black, or salt and pepper.


 The Miniature Schnauzer is a small, squarely proportioned dog with a long head, bushy beard, mustache and eyebrows. It is an energetic, active dog; it makes a delightful companion for apartment dweller or someone with a small house and yard. It is charming and attractive; the perky Miniature Schnauzer is seldom addicted to wandering, being devoted to its home and family. It makes an excellent companion to children. 


 The Miniature Schnauzer is very perky, loving and intelligent. It is playful, happy, alert, energetic, affectionate, and obedient. This dog loves children. This breed demands time and companionship from its owner. It can be fairly dog aggressive; putting on a show of superiority without necessarily intending to fight, which can be fairly dangerous for the Miniature Schnauzer, it will challenge even large dogs, sometimes bringing more trouble on itself than it really wanted. Socialization with other dogs at an early age is a must. If properly introduced it will get along with another dog, but will not accept every dog that comes its way. Some tend to bark a lot. Some can be reserved with strangers, but most love everyone. It is an excellent watchdog, and mouse catcher. This energetic little dog enjoys long, brisk, daily walks, and loves play sessions off the leash.


 Harsh, hard and wiry, dense undercoat. Brush the wiry coat daily with a short wire brush to prevent matting. The coat should be stripped to prevent it from becoming soft and woolly. Pluck the coat twice a year -in spring and fall; trim around the eyes and ears with a blunt-nosed scissor and clean the whiskers after meals. It has no doggie odor and sheds little to no hair; it is good for allergy sufferers.


 Bladder stones, allergies, diabetes, liver diseases, skin disorders and cysts. They can also have eye problems including PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), melanoma, and myotonia congenita. 


 Miniature Schnauzers need long, brisk, daily walks and they love to play off leash. 


 Needs a confident handler who is fair and consistent, but not boring. Miniature Schnauzers have a mind of their own and need variety as opposed to repetition. Learning Rate: High. Obedience - Medium. Problem Solving - Medium.