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  • BREED: Beagle
  • GENDER:0male(s) and 0female(s)
  • AVAILABILITY DATE: 2021-03-18
  • Listing DATE: 2021-02-28
  • PRICE: $3990
  • LOCATION: Coconut Creek - West Broward Co
  • COLOR: Tri color - black, white, golden brown
  • OWNER John Stansifer
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Amazing breed - Mama Emilee is full Beagle and Papa Charlee is full Cocker Spaniel. This is their 2nd and last litter. 5 males for sale. They appear mostly as a Beagle and thankfully are short haired with smooth soft coats. Their snouts are more “boxy” like a Spaniel but their eyebrows and color are full Beagle. They will get little tufts of hair on their tail tips, ears and paws but not much. Included are pics of their 3 brothers so you can see near exactly how they will look in 9 months. They are loyal, handsome, cute, fun loving and playful and will grow to around 35-40 pounds— solid muscular medium sized hounds. Their bark can be very loud but they are also highly intelligent and trainable. They have very keen sense of smell. Beagles have a lifespan average of 15 years. Our previous Beagle was with us over 16 years. They are super healthy and will have all required shots and vet papers before the availability date. They are extremely affectionate and one look in their eyes will melt you. I’ve owned dogs my entire life and the last 4 years have been with my first Beagle and Cocker Spaniel. These 1st Gen Bockers or Speagles are simply the best.

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