• SIZE: 1
  • GROOMING:: 6
  • COLOR(S):Blue, tan, fawn, silver or a combination of these colors.


 This breed is a cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the toy Poodle, bred first in the US. They are also known as the Yorkapoo and Yorkerpoo. They are a small breed and mostly known as a ‘designer dog’. Yorkipoos have also become somewhat popular due to their hypoallergenic coats because both the Terrier and Poodle carry this characteristic. They are well proportioned and strong. Most associations such as the American Kennel Club do not recognize Yorkiepoos as a dog breed.


 Yorkipoos are very affectionate and crave human attention. They are happy-go lucky and make a nice companion dog especially for apartment owners. Their temperament has a lot to do with their parents, upbringing, and environment. It’s best to choose the puppy not too aggressive and not too timid. They can be territorial and like to bark.


 As a hybrid breed, the Yorkipoo can have either silky fine hair to rough and curly. Daily brushing and regular grooming is a must. Great dog to have if you suffer from allergies as it sheds little to no hair. Its coat comes in a variety of colors: tan, blue, fawn, cream, and silver as well as a combination of these colors.


 Knowing the history of the parents is the first step in making sure your puppy will be strong and healthy. However, every breed is prone to certain types of health problems. Yorkiepoos are prone to Hip Dysplasia, which can cause lameness, Legg-Calvé-Perthes Syndrome, another rear leg condition, and Luxating Patella


 Yorkiepoos love to jump, play, and run around, so daily exercise and walks outside are important for good health and making sure your dog doesn’t tear up your house! Because of their size it is recommended that this breed be kept indoors. Having a yard that is fenced where they can go out once or twice a day is perfect for these little companions.


 These dogs are easy to train and ready to please their owners. Be sure to start when they are just pups to make this process much less of a hassle. Because of their character harsh and rigorous training is not recommended. Firm, gentleness, and respect work best with this hybrid. Great for learning tricks and other competitive type performance.