German Shepherd Dog

  • SIZE: 6
  • GROOMING:: 3
  • BREED: German Shepherd Dog
  • COLOR(S):Solid black or tan/gold with a black saddle; black nose, grey with lighter or brown markings (sables). Whites, livers, and blues not recognized.


 German Shepherd Dogs are one of the most loved, versatile, and intelligent dog breeds in the canine world. Easily trainable and responsive, they are used as seeing-eye dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guard dogs, as well as the all-around family pet. Originating from Germany in the late 1800’s, this breed preformed working and herding tasks with unmatched results. It is also known as the Alsatian, Deutshcer Schaferhund, and the GSD. These dogs are extremely loyal and protective and will make a great addition to any family. 


 This dog breed is known for its intelligence (currently ranked #3) and the ability to retain training is legendary. The desire to learn and work gives them the trait to be purposeful in what they do. Very loyal, the bond is very tight between it and their owner, usually just 1 individual. Other characteristics of this breed are its courage, alertness, territorial, and athleticism. 


 Grooming does not have to be difficult, although it can be a tad time-consuming. Wearing a double coat, it is medium in length with a dense undercoat, and not prone to matting. GSD sheds year round with the heaviest during the spring and fall months. Regular brushing is required, daily during the shedding seasons. Watch around and inside the ears as well, these large alert organs catch not only sound but also a lot of dirt and debris. Once weekly should suffice.


 German Shepherds are quite a healthy and robust dog breed. Before purchasing a puppy to watch it is always recommended to know your puppies’ Sire and Dam’s pedigree for common health issues. Most notable in the German Shepherd are elbow and hip dysplasia which can lead to arthritis as they age. Ensure that the parents have been screened for these 2 health problems. Also, because of their large frame, GSD’s are susceptible to bloat, a common disorder that results in a distended stomach due to gas in deep-chested breeds. 


 Because it is a working dog, they love rigorous exercise and daily training. These large dogs need a big yard to roam freely off leash so the more rural the setting the better. Purposeful as well, dog training mixed with exercise is recommended for this breed, because of their love for challenges and independence. Shepherds make fun companions playing fetch with a Frisbee or stick as well as a stroll in the park. Active owners that will make time to spend and play with the dog are advised. 


 Mentioned previously, active training combined with exercise will give your GSD a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Highly trainable, it is said the a German Shepherd can learn a trick or command in as little as 6 repetitions with obedience above 90% the first time it is given. GSD puppies can be a bit rambunctious, though as it ages and is trained they make excellent pets!