• SIZE: 6
  • GROOMING:: 4
  • BREED: Borzoi
  • COLOR(S):All colors recognized in the Hound category.


 Graceful and beautiful dogs make up the Borzois breed. These well-mannered and gentle creatures enjoy having fun and perform well in racing games. They are tall, thin and long with narrow heads and bodies designed for speed. Their coat is either solid or a mix of colors including white, tan, golden, or gray with black markings. Borzois are loving of their masters and usually tolerant of other canines. Even though puppies grow rapidly, they should not be overworked until they’ve reached full maturity at one year old. 


 The proud Borzoi is an intelligent and self aware dog that displays extreme loyalty to their family. Toward people they know, they will be affectionate and sweet. As hound dogs, they are a free-thinking breed who can be trained in obedience even though they are less willing to please humans than other breeds. For successful training, mutual respect must be the foundation of the training relationship and they are capable learners. Borzois are quiet, rarely bark and seem cat-like in their desire to keep themselves clean. They should not be trusted with small, non-canine pets including rabbits and cats nor should they be allowed outdoors off a leash when they are not in a fenced in area. Be sure to socialize this breed with cats and other pets as early as possible since they are hunters after all and will race after a fleeing animal. They do get along fairly well with children but are not accepting of rough-house play which does not make them the ideal childhood companion - the noble Borzois appreciate their time to rest. While these dogs are growing, they require a highly nutritional diet. 


 Borzois have a flat, silky coat that is wavy instead of curly and heavily sheds seasonally. This long silky coat is simple to groom and requires regular brushing with a firm bristle brush. Since these dogs are so tall, bathing presents a problem but isn’t required often. Maintain their coat with dry shampoo when necessary. Clipping the hair between their toes is needed to keep the Borzoi breed comfortable and prevent their feet from spreading. 


 The Borzois breed is known to have health concerns including shoulder and hip dysplasia, heart problems and bloat due to their deep chests. They can also become susceptible to OCD (Osteochondritis dessicans ), PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy), and gastric torsion. 


 Since Borzois were bred to be aware of small creatures and be able to chase after them, they need significant training to come to their master when called instead of attacking small dogs or cats that make sudden movements. They do enjoy the opportunity to run off the leash, as well as long daily walks. As a hunting breed, they need plenty of exercise. 


 These dogs do not respond well to harsh training and can be overall stubborn to train. Begin training early, preferably at the age of 10 weeks.